Designing Trustworthy Landing Page Add and posting salary & benefits information from a job role or a company.

The Problems : Why do you need my information? who are you?

The Goals

Understanding the user

Hero section : Clear context and purpose

The “Want to know how much”

The why we build this services

We want to give you clear information that will help you designed your career path in the future. Whether you want to apply in a company, negotiating your salary, or start receive a freelance project.

Hook to add salary

Its an act of contribution to the community. you can get detail information about salary, benefits, and others in a company or certain job role that submit by others.

Sign up and you are ready

The Design Process

The Lo-Fi Prototype

The Hi-Fi Prototype

Hero Sections : Clear context and purpose
Quick data for top earning industry for The “want to know how much”
The Why we build this product & explanation of kamratib value
Add job data and salary form
Sign up page and ready to rock and roll

Take away and reflection of my process

Ex-revenue manager for hotel. UI/UX Designer.

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